Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Candice Olson, "The Queen of Bling" in Home Decor

We don't usually think of "Bling" as being a home decor element, but we do now! Candice Olson has introduced a gorgeous line of designer fabrics chocked full of metallic threads, rhinestones and shiny patent leather. Her own unique style of "Contemporary" is not the sparse, often cold hard-edge styling that has in the past been associated with that genre.

Candice has perfected the fusion between the clean lines of contemporary and the soft and warm touch of traditional and a smattering of bling, to create a style that is now coveted around the world by thousands of Divine Design junkies.

If you are a fan of her show you have no doubt begun to see her new fabrics, that she developed with the help of world renown textile giant Kravet Fabrics, on the latest episodes. As these fabrics have been introduced, sales have skyrocketed sending many patterns into "backordered" status overnight. Never before has a single collection had such an impact on the home decor fabric industry. Now anyone can have Candice Olson styling right in their own home by covering a chair or adding window treatments with fabric from her gorgeous collection.

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing the Candice Olson Collection you can go to Kravet.com to see the entire line or you can log on the MyDesignerFabric.com to order fabrics and swatches from the collection. And, just let me say, you must order at least a swatch of the fabric in order to appreciate its true beauty, the computer screen does not do them justice!