Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bring on the Bling!

Metallic influences started popping up in home decor fabric about two years ago. At first glance I thought this will not go far as my customers were staunchly "Tuscan", Red and Gold. But, along came Candice Olson with her new fabric collection and
everything changed! Main Street America has embraced the bling. They are shedding their tuscan decor for light and fabulous. Now I'm finding many fabrics and wallpapers with that metallic flare in every price range. This is a bandwagon you will just love jumping on! It is fun, romantic and creative.

You can mix metallic pieces with other fun textures like animal prints, chenilles, and sheers. There are several great choices on my website MyDesignerFabric.com. Just use you imagination and start with something as small as a pillow in blinged out fabric. You will find your inner Diva emerging in no time!


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