Thursday, August 12, 2010

To Market to Market

I just returned from Market, which is my favorite working vacation. It is like Disney World for shoppers. We have been is a new trend cycle now for the last six months and you can see what is going to hang around for awhile and what is beginning to fade. Metallic and Glitz in home and fashion is still huge and better than ever. The color trends are centered on pretty. Softer color palettes, but with more pattern and fun. Metallics have really taken hold and is showing up everywhere, accessories, fabrics, paint and wallpaper.

Every time I go to Market I find the cutest jewelry and shoes. Everyone want to know "Where did you get that?" So this time I brought several things back to the shop. We found this cute line of CZ watches with colorful rubber bands. Every color you can think of, I bought about a dozen! They are only $22 and at that price you can have a color for every outfit, I do!