Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are You A "Right or Right Now" Client?

In the course of a design project you may be faced with a dilemma that is going to force you into making a choice. A choice to either delay the project or make a new selection. I call this the "Right or Right Now" decision. If the delay is based on a crucial element of the project, you have to decide what you are willing to sacrifice for the eventual outcome.

Many of the projects that I begin for clients are "event" projects. The client has put off purchasing draperies for the home they moved into three years ago because they just couldn't decide what they wanted to do. But now, they have agreed to host their best friends bridal shower in four weeks and it has to be done by then. As a Designer I love these life events, it spurs people into action! (And I work well under pressure) But, invariably, some element of our choices will be "backordered" until the week after the event.

Now, in most cases this is not a crisis because we can find a suitable substitute. But what if there isn't a better substitute? What if this is the best choice for the project. I have to ask my client "Do you want it right or right now?" Only they can make that decision because they have to live with the choice.

Design projects are expensive, time consuming, emotional, and aggravating. But they can also, more importantly, be fabulous and worth the effort if your willing to make the sacrifices needed for a beautiful result that you will enjoy for years to come.